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Commercial Development & Residential Design

Our primary business is on Commercial Development and the total living environmental integration with a focus on integrated automation; including security, video surveillance, lighting, digital device control and interior design.  Our total living concept has been developed around custom designs that reflect and accommodate your environment and everyday business and lifestyle needs.  We work with you to maximize the utility of the structure/space, while providing a unique environment to enjoy life to the fullest. 

We design the entire project to function as a fully integrated structure so you can allocate more time to productive efforts  in a comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly space.  Your facility will provide you with a safe and reliable area to enjoy for many years to come.

We help develop/maintain full commercial and industrial complex sites.  From full monitored security to video surveillance we can help you maintain a secure environment.  We can update/modify/construct new or expanded facilities utilizing the latest in commercial construction.  Energy efficiency and security are paramount in a commercial development.

Whether it is an apartment or residential development or an industrial park, we can assist you in the planning, development and constructing.  Pre-planning for the digital systems and security in advance will save thousands in the finished project.

Energy Efficiency

"Cool 'em with an ice-cube; Heat 'em with a match"

Superior Insulation

Utilizing the latest in thermal insulation we strive to keep energy/utility consumption to a minimum, yet maintaining a comfortable work and living space.  From close cell soybean insulation to reflective mylar sheathing, we can provide an optimum and energy efficient spacial envelope to minimize cost and maximize comfort and environmental safety.

Solar Energy Systems

Absolute Innovation sincerely believe in the future of renewable energy resources.  One of the most readily available of these is solar energy.  Whether by passive heat transfer or by direct conversion to usable electricity; solar power offers a virtual unlimited source of energy for the planet.  Additional alternatives to fossil fuel are rapidly becoming available with the advent of new fuel cell technologies.  While these are not as readily available; they soon will be.  Hydrogen power is another obvious answer but will take many years to develop.

With this in mind, we believe that the fastest way for the USA to begin it's journey to total energy independence is to work with existing and emerging solar energy systems.  These systems, coupled with conservation and other systems (wind, geothermal) can go a long way TODAY to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and other energy producers.

In addition to the freedom this adoption will foster, the technology required to deliver cheap and sustainable alternative power sources should be developed by the USA.  We have the knowledge and talent.  With a bit of help from our government in Washington, State and Local entities can and should support energy self-sufficiency for the USA.